Based in the USA with over 9 million zirconia restorations produced, Sagemax Bioceramics, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of dental zirconia in the world. Using the highest quality machines and zirconia powder, Sagemax production combines German engineering with processes from Japan to produce consistent high-quality zirconia blanks.

Sagemax zirconia is carefully monitored throughout production with proven quality system that ensures it is inspected for perfection. Sagemax manufactures an incomparable translucent zirconia. Comparative testing shows NexxZr T as having the highest translucent properties of all materials tested.

By the use of special formulas, cold isostatic pressing and precise sintering controls, NexxZr T delivers great natural esthetics. Users of NexxZr T can fabricate industry best esthetic dental restorations. This versatile material guarantees exceptional results.Sagemax NexxZr S is the highest strength zirconia with a biaxial fl exure strength of 1500 Mpa. It has multiple uses, as lab technicians can create beautiful dental restorations by veneering porcelains over this material. NexxZr S represents the ultimate restorative material, offering esthetics, strength, and versatility.